Decorative House Numbers

Usually the last thing you worry about when it comes to your home is the outside. One of the most important parts of your home is the house number. Many house numbers are hard to put up and are often an eyesore, leading many people to decide against them. There is however a unique selection of decorative house numbers available from Elegant Address.

A house number is very important because it helps people identify exactly where you stay some of these people include:

  • The postman
  • The police if there is an emergency as well as other emergency services
  • Friends and family if they have never been to your home before

And the decorative house numbers from Elegant Address will just give your home that touch of class and style that it needs.

These quality decorative house numbers are hand made and come all the way from Spain. You do not need to worry about your house number becoming dull or getting damaged by bad weather, strong UV rays, the salty sea air near the coast or time because they have been made out of quality materials making them very durable. Elegant Address has designed and created these house numbers out of ceramic and they have a tile like appearance.

Installation of your beautiful, decorative house number can be difficult and that is why they have made a wonderful collection of decorative house number frames in which your numbers can be mounted in and attached to any surface on your home. When you choose a decorative house number frame you will be able to choose from five different categories. These categories are brass, copper, Tuscany, pearl and cedar which all can hold from one to five house numbers. With your purchase of a decorative house number and frame you will also receive special mounting hardware to put it up with. All of these materials are used because of their durability and some even beautify over a period of time.

You will find everything you need when it comes to a decorative house number at Elegant Addresses online store. Here you will be able to search for any kind of combination as well as view pictures of each to make sure it is what you want. The numbers are also made in different styles and you can browse through the catalog or by collections such as Madrid and Valencia.

All transactions can be made online and are 100% secure. If you wish to stock these house numbers wholesale inquiries can be made. If you fear your house number is too long to be made and fitted to a frame do not hesitate to contact Elegant Address on their toll free number 1-888-884-3772 and they will discuss customizing it for you.

Elegant Address is the perfect solution if you are looking for a quality decorative house address number at a very affordable price. These numbers are all shipped directly to you. To find out more about your ideal house number visit now.